Food Consulting

Are you looking for consulting on the traditional, healthy and tasty Italian cuisine?

You have found it!

Whether you are opening a new restaurant, pizzeria, bakery or changing your cooking style, we can help you.
Thanks to our experience in making flour, Centioni food consultants are specialized in making excellent pizza and bakery products. They will make this yearly experience and their secrets available to you, so that you will learn in the shortest time possible.

If you will take a look around our website, you will see that we put emphasis on a healthy and tasty cuisine, following the original Italian traditions and recipes.
Our consultants, Italian pizza and bakery chefs, come from all over Italy and each of them is specialized in a different type of pizza making and baking. For example, we can help you make the Neapolitan pizza, a thin crunchy pizza or an organic whole wheat pizza too.

Here are the services we can provide, depending on your needs:

  • Training of your staff
  • Development of the menu
  • Support in selecting and purchasing specific Italian equipment
  • Assistance in selecting and purchasing quality Italian ingredients
  • Evaluation of customer feedback to adjust cooking techniques and menu


Projects and their cost will be customized to your needs, to the time required and to the number of people to be trained.

So feel free to contact us

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